Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Pastor's Friday Email





We as a people do not like it when we are told that what we are doing is wrong.  We have a tendency to become rather upset when we are told these things.  When one is speeding for example and gets pulled over, we often start saying things that we know are simply excuses or shifting the blame to someone else.  “Doesn’t this officer have anything else better to do,” or “I wasn’t going THAT fast!”  We like to shift the blame to anyone other than ourselves, and the bringer of the Law is considered the bad guy.  After all we like to think that we are perfect people and that other people are the not so great ones. 

This is not new by any stretch of the imagination.  All one has to do is to look all throughout scripture to see this.  Jeremiah was sent by God to go and tell the people that they needed to repent or else they would be destroyed.  Upon hearing these words, they immediately went to have Jeremiah put to death.  All because he did what was commanded by God to do.

In the church it is no different.  We have pastors that do not preach the Law because they are afraid of what might be done to them, or not wanting to cause anyone offense, or they simply wish to be liked.  We have parishioners too that do not wish to hear that we are in fact sinners.  The fact is, we are each sinners, and we are in desperate need of being saved.  We all need to be brought to repentance on a daily basis.  It is then that we are able to go and hear those blessed words, “Your sins are forgiven.” 

During this season of Lent we reflect on our own sinfulness and we repent of our sins.  All the while we look at ourselves, but as we do so we also keep our eyes held high as we approach Holy Week, knowing full well that our sins are forgiven.