On the Lord's Supper




We celebrate the Lord's Supper every Sunday of each month (9:00 am service) and at other special times during the year.  We do so in the confession and glad confidence that our Lord, as He says, gives not only bread and wine, but also His very body and blood to eat and drink for the forgiveness of our sin.  In joyful obedience to the clear teaching of our Lord Jesus, those Christians who are invited to His table are those who trust His words, repent of all sin, and set aside any refusal to forgive and love as He forgives and loves us.  In celebrating the Supper we show forth His death until He comes.

Because Holy Communion is a confession of the faith which is confessed at this altar, any who are not yet instructed, in doubt as to the Supper's meaning, or who hold a confession differing from that stated above are invited to call or make an appointment with the Pastor prior to the worship service.  Because the meal is one of joy, as well an expression of the Christian faith, those who choose not to commune are still invited to come forward for a blessing.  At the altar, simply bow your head.

All who commune are encouraged to review the "Sacrament of the Altar" on p. 329-330 in the front part of the hymnal.  Prayers for both before and after Communion may be found in the front cover.